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variable travel of cable from servo to gears
This is going to result in quite a bit of nonlinearity. On the other hand, this is might be a good thing actually! You want more servo leverage at lower gears, when spring tension at its highest... I think a cam-shaped puley specifically designed for amount of cable pull your shifter has will work best. You, basically, need two separate designs - most shifter systems are either close to 2:1 like old shimanos, or 1:1 (sram, new shimanos).

Campa is inbeetween.

Using a small stepper motor plus a screw actuator like on x-shifter is the best setup actually - built in friction, more precize... but more complex.

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RE: variable travel of cable from servo to gears - by Balor - 10-06-2020, 11:05 AM

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