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Modified power management (LiOn instead of NiMH)
I'm wondering if the DC - DC boost module is perhaps not capable of supplying the peak current demand of the servo. On my original auto shift bike I’m using a servo specific buck module called a UBEC rated 3A max 5A, servo is rated 20kg-cm

When did you measure the voltage output of the dynamo? Open circuit or with the battery connected? My experience of batteries is that they are very good at clamping the voltage unless they have unusually high internal resistance. Obviously lithium based batteries most never be over charged but NiMh is quite tolerant of continuing to receive current once charged. Especially the low current of a dynamo, it will just be converted to heat and from my experience still keep the voltage down.

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RE: Modified power management (LiOn instead of NiMH) - by Ed_R - 11-22-2020, 10:37 PM

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