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Automatic vs. manual
Good find Fesh, not an automatic system I knew of. According to the manual (link to pdf it uses a gradient sensor. Interesting way of doing it but wouldn't be my choice. Cadence sensor is best and add torque or power if you want to get fancy.

The button unit does look ideal. However looking at the number of functions (3 buttons, 7 segment display and led) and only 8 wires I’m guessing it uses some kind of communication such as SPI. So the button unit would have its own microcontroller to decode the data and drive the outputs and send the button inputs back encoded as data.
If it wasn’t so expensive it would be worth getting it to find out although I think it’s very unlikely the buttons are wired directly. Would be a fun project to reverse engineer and work out the communication protocol but maybe easier to build your own.

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